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Stephen Edwin King ist ein US-amerikanischer Schriftsteller. Er schrieb auch unter Pseudonymen, als John Swithen und zwischen 19als Richard Bachman. Er ist vor allem bekannt für seine Horror-Romane, die ihn zu einem der. Stephen King: Three Novels brings together King's first three published novels for a trilogy of terror unparalleled in modern fiction. Carrie is the story of Carrie. Stephen King Three Classic Novels Box Set: Carrie, 'Salem's Lot, The Shining | King, Stephen | ISBN: | Kostenloser Versand für alle Bücher mit​. Nach der Enttarnung des Pseudonyms wurden diese vier Romane als Sammelband unter dem Originaltitel Stephen King: The Bachman Books: Four Early Novels. Stephen King, Bücher Zum Lesen, Neue Bücher, Gute Bücher, Welt Der Bücher. Expand. Saved from More information. Find this Pin and more on.

Stephen King Novels

Stephen King: Three Novels brings together King's first three published novels for a trilogy of terror unparalleled in modern fiction. Carrie is the story of Carrie. At a time when the King brand has never been stronger, he has delivered one of his most unsettling and compulsively readable stories. Produktdetails. The newest novel by Stephen King legendary horror writer: "Under the dome" in hardback. Enjoy:D.

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Top Five Stephen King Novels (1-5) I was under the impression that this is another of Stephen King's novels but it turned to be half-true. It was his novel but it is in German language, not much use​. The newest novel by Stephen King legendary horror writer: "Under the dome" in hardback. Enjoy:D. At a time when the King brand has never been stronger, he has delivered one of his most unsettling and compulsively readable stories. Produktdetails. Band 3 der atemberaubenenden Graphic Novel-Reihe zu Stephen Kings Meisterwerk. Stephen Kings Hauptwerk, die siebenbändige Saga um den Dunklen. The Long Walk is a dystopian horror novel by American writer Stephen King, published in , under the pseudonym Richard was collected in. Stephen King Novels

Stephen King Novels Video

Top 10 Stephen King Novels Fraser Clarke Heston. Bereits kurze Zeit später fanden sich alle Bachman-Bücher in den Bestsellerlisten wieder. In: Der Spiegel. Die Verurteilten. But is it literature? Fritz Kiersch. John CusackSamuel Beste Spielothek in Daubach finden. Kasdan, Lawrence! In Salem's Lot, writer Ben Mears returns to his hometown in Maine to write a book on the local Marsten House, the site of an unsettling childhood experience that has haunted him ever since. Während Lastschrift Zahlung Parallelen in einigen Büchern wohl mehr auch als Gag gedacht sind, verarbeitete King auch Umstände unserer realen Welt in mehreren seiner Bücher. Christopher Lloyd. Romero, George A.! Mehr von Stephen King. Singer, Bryan! Stephen Kings Schlafwandler. Stanley Kubrick. Kathy BatesJames Caan. ISBN: Der Nebel nach einer Novelle aus Im Morgengrauen.

However, as an adult, this means that he can touch someone and see things from either the past or future. This allows him to help solve crimes, but it also causes him to see a nuclear apocalypse due to the man running for President of the United States.

Stephen King continued his work of showing young people involved in extraordinary situations with Firestarter.

This book had a young child named Charlie, whose father has protected her, as both have special powers. Andy is a light telepath while Charlie has pyrokinetic powers.

However, when the Shop that gave them the powers comes for them, Charlie has to fight to save herself. Nine-year-old Drew Barrymore played Charlie in the movie.

Roadwork was the third Richard Bachman book. This one is about a man who is driven to instability when he learns that his home will be demolished to create a highway.

He loads up with guns and stands pat to protect his home. Cujo was the first novel to win Stephen King a major writing award. A woman is trapped in a broken-down car by a rabid dog with her young son, and there is no one who can save her.

This was almost like Stephen King predicted reality TV years before it existed. Released in , the book presents a future dystopian world featuring a televised game where contestants are on the run from Hunters, hired to kill them.

In this first book, The Gunslinger, the last living Gunslinger, Roland, is on the chase of the Man in Black, trying to get answers.

However, this is the start of his quest for the Dark Tower. Three of these ended up turned into movies. The fourth story is The Breathing Method.

Arnie is a nerd in high school who gets a Plymouth Fury, only to find it is haunted and begins to both possess Arnie and seek revenge against the people who tormented him.

In , Stephen King published what might be the most nihilistic and hopeless horror novel of his career. In Pet Sematary, the Creed family moves into a new home, but when the young son Gage is killed by a passing truck, Louis buries him in the legendary Pet Sematary, where the dead does not stay dead.

This was not a regular novel, but a short novel that included fill color illustrations by Bernie Wrightson. Each chapter is a short story comprising the full tale.

In , Stephen King wanted to write something that his young children could read rather than the horror and adult-themed novels he made his name on.

In , Stephen King wrote his fifth Richard Bachman novel, and this was the one that finally unmasked him as the author behind the pseudonym.

This was the first horror novel under the Bachman name, as a man is cursed by a gypsy to lose weight and soon begins to waste away as he tries to find a way to break the curse.

Stephen King released his second collection of short stories in under the title Skeleton Crew. Also included are The Raft which was part of the movie Creepshow , Gramma which was the basis for the movie Mercy , and Word Processor of the Gods which was an episode of Tales from the Darkside.

The book is about a demon that returns to Derry, Maine, every 27 years to kill children. The book splits between , where Pennywise the Clown showed up to kill children, and , where several of the kids were now adults, returning to finish off Pennywise.

The book had an author of romance novels named Paul Sheldon involved in a car accident in the show. When he wakes up, he is in the home of Anne Wilkes, who is nursing him back to health.

She is also his biggest fan and holds him captive until he writes the next book in his series to her specific specifications. King himself dismisses the book as well.

It also had a movie based on it released in In , Stephen King wrote another book about authors, this one about a man named Thad Beaumont. He had been writing books under a pseudonym of George Stark and when the world discovers this, Beaumont kills off his pseudonym.

However, soon George Stark comes to life and comes to get his name back. This was a movie about the world starting to eat itself as people on a plane race away for their lives.

This book brings back Jake, who died in the first movie, and introduces the beloved Oy, a billy-bumbler. It also presents the horrifying Blaine the Mono train.

Castle Rock was a fictional Stephen King town that was featured in several novels and short stories over the years. However, this story was supposed to kill off the town as a mysterious man named Leland Gaunt showed up and traded people their most wanted items for their darkest secrets.

In this book, Jessie and her husband Gerald go to a secluded lakehouse home. However, when a sex game goes wrong, Gerald dies, and Jessie is handcuffed to the bed.

Then, she realizes something is outside. It was made into a horror movie on Netflix. Dolores Claiborne was a tough book to read. There are no chapters, no section breaks, and it is really just one straight story from start to finish.

The story is about a year-old woman named Dolores Claiborne, a widow suspected of killing her wealthy employer.

The novel is set up as a transcript of her statement. There was also a TNT anthology series with this name based on some of the stories in the book.

In this book, a man in Derry, Maine the town from It , was suffering from insomnia and started to see creatures no one else could see who were waiting for people to die to take them to the other side.

Rose Madder came out in , a book that was disappointing for many fans of the horror novelist. The book deals with fantasy as well as horror and pulls from Greek mythology, something rare for his novels.

Rose is a woman whose police officer husband has beat her for years and even caused her to miscarriage at one time after a severe beating.

She finally leaves home after nine years, and he sets out to find and kill her. She then finds a painting that seems to change every time she looks at is, and it gives her the strength to fight back.

In , Stephen King did something very different. For The Green Mile, he released it in six short, inexpensive monthly books, similar to old-school serials with cliffhanger endings.

The story is about a man falsely accused of murder who is found guilty and sentenced to death. The Green Mile is the death row, where he changes the lives of everyone he meets.

In , Stephen King released two books that were interconnected. In Desperation, a deranged sheriff arrested multiple people and tortured them.

In Regulators, a young boy is able to control things happening on his street. The first is a horror novel, and the second more of a fantasy story.

This story begins immediately following The Waste Lands where the ka-tet escapes Blaine the Mono and continues on their journey to the Dark Tower.

This is the book that really delves into the past of Roland, specifically his romance with Susan Delgado. Pierce Brosnan starred in the movie adaptation in This was a simple story of a little girl who ends up lost in the woods while on a hiking trip with her mom and brother and ends up going deeper and deeper, with little hope of rescue.

All she has to keep her sane is her Walkman that allows her to listen to a baseball game featuring her favorite player, pitcher Tom Gordon. The five stories all remain connected, told in chronological order with recurring characters.

The main focus for King was how the Baby Boomer generation failed to live up to their ideals. While a memoir, this is also one of the most recommended books for aspiring writers, as it is not only King talking about his own writing but also talking about how he became a successful writer in general.

This is the fiction novel that King wrote after the van hit him, almost ending his life. A normally fast writer, this book took a year and a half to write, as he did it by hand, the entire novel written in cursive.

Jack Sawyer, the child from the first book, is now a police officer investigating a case of murders in the town of French Landing, Wisconsin, which leads to more murders in Los Angeles.

Nineteen years after publishing the haunted car novel Christine, Stephen King released a second horror novel surrounding a car. This book was From a Buick 8 and told the story of a vintage Buick Roadmaster that is more than just a car.

There are 11 stories in this novel, with two of them eventually becoming movies in Riding the Bullet starring David Arquette and starring John Cusack and Samuel L.

In , Stephen King decided to finish his Dark Tower series and released three books in a row to finish off his story.

The ka-tet continues traveling to the Dark Tower but realizes they are being followed. As the title signifies, this story deals heavily with Susannah Dean, who starts off trapped in her own mind by a demon named Mia.

The end of this novel does the unthinkable — it makes Stephen King a character in the story. King is a massive baseball fan and is an even bigger Boston Red Sox fan.

This was a new imprint where famous authors wrote these pulp crime novels, rather than their normal genres. The Colorado Kid deals with the investigation of a dead body that washed up on the coast of Maine.

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References and footnotes. World Fantasy Award nominee for Best Novel, [2]. Runner-up 4th place , Locus Award , [3]. Published under pseudonym Richard Bachman.

Runner-up 2nd place , Locus Award , [3]. The Running Man. The Dark Tower: The Gunslinger. Nominee, Locus Award , [3].

Cycle of the Werewolf. The Talisman. The Eyes of the Dragon. Philtrum Press Viking Published under pseudonym Richard Bachman ; Twin novel of Desperation.

Nominee, Bram Stoker Award , [3]. Winner , Bram Stoker Award , [3]. The eighth Dark Tower novel, but chronologically set between the fourth and fifth volumes.

Finders Keepers. Gwendy's Button Box. Cemetery Dance. Sleeping Beauties. The Outsider. Night Shift. Everything's Eventual.

The Bazaar of Bad Dreams. Winner , Shirley Jackson Award , [3]. Nightmares in the Sky. On Writing: A Memoir of the Craft. An anthology film consisting of adaptations of five short stories 3 of which were written original for the film.

An anthology horror film based on King's short stories " Quitters, Inc.

Again Sometimes They Come Back The residents of Castle Rock, Maine, can find whatever they desire in Needful Thingsfor a little money and a lot of menace. Tags: Betway Live Chatfor-authorgoodreads-author Cfd Handel Erfahrungen, goodreads-authorshorrorstephen-king. The fourth story is The Breathing Method. Aug Slots Bonus Ohne Einzahlung, PM. Namespaces Article Talk. Retrieved April 19,